The Gun Debate Misses the Mark in Detroit


What initiatives should be undertaken to address the problem of violent crime in Detroit?

If you answered “change gun laws,” you’d be in the company of many loud voices — the Wayne LaPierres and Sarah Bradys of the national gun debate — who claim to speak on behalf of Americans, including Americans in high-crime, high-poverty areas like Detroit or South Side Chicago.

Whether they’re talking about “ugly black” rifles, high-capacity magazines, pistol-free zones, gun bans, registration, confiscation, “stand your ground” laws or concealed carry, proponents on both sides of the national gun debate presume that America’s problem of gun violence can be solved by (de)regulating the kinds of guns Americans can legally own and what they can do with them.

Gun rights advocates believe that the unequivocal solution to gun violence is more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens; gun control advocates focus on restricting access to guns.

It’s a zero-sum game, a deadlocked argument.

But in Detroit, these black-and-white approaches to guns too often miss the mark…

Read the rest of my op-ed at The Detroit News here.



  1. “More guns are bad. Less guns are good”Speaking of logic, this is known as a non sequitur…but I’m sure you adlaery knew that. This means you will also acknowledge that building an argument from this fallacious axiom (statement of truth) will inevitably result in a worthless mess.Nobody is suggesting that guns are magical amulets of protection. The absence of them guarantees the absence of certain life saving options. The presence of them, and thereby the presence of such options, may have saved lives. Maybe just one life…maybe many more. Aren’t the anti-gun zealots the first to trot out the “if it saves just one life” line?Kinda reveals the fraud, doesn’t it?”security should have had guns, and they should have had the courage”Yes…they should have. Shame they didn’t. Shame it took a bunch of dead people to figure that out. How many lives do you think you can save with a “should have”?-dk

  2. Looks like the Detroit News needed to free-up some server space, ’cause the link no longer leads to your story! It would be a good thing to post the rest of it here for posterity (AND ’cause I missed it last year — LOL!).

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