Postfeminism meets gun culture…

It is exactly what you think it is: Breast cancer awareness shotgun ammo. Not into shotguns, and also not into breast cancer? Bersa has got you covered.



  1. In terms of postfeminism and gun culture I think the Bersa is more interesting since it is explicitly marketed to women. Is this just typical marketing to women (“shrink it and pink it”) or is there some broader lesson to be learned about women and self-defense from pink guns? Good question!

    The shot gun shells are more unisex – I think they would make 20 gauge if they were targeting women. That said, beyond the donation, the pink hulls are also a good conversation starter. I was using them once and got a sideways glance from a guy and my wife was quick to jump in and remind him not only that men get breast cancer as well, but that he might have a mother, sister, wife, friend, co-worker, etc.

    So, I guess once your readers get beyond the scandal that people actually purchase and use shotgun shells, there are some interesting dynamics going on here!

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