The Detroit Gun Report: The “Operation Double Down” Edition

On June 1, 2015, the Detroit One “violence reduction” partnership unveiled a new initiative to “double down” on gun violence by raising awareness about penalties for illegal gun possession in Detroit. This is their second time around with public awareness campaigns; last year, they focused on carjackings and produced these PSAs that, frankly, seemed straight of the 80s. The partnership claims their approach works: carjackings dropped by 32%. Now, they want to take on gun violence.

Here are some of the Detroit (and Detroit-area) guns that made the news over the last week. On average, 2.4 shootings are reported to police in Detroit per day. This list is therefore not exhaustive.

June 12: Martin Zale, shooter in the “Road Rage Incident” in Livingston county is sentenced to 25 to 50 years in prison for second-degree murder.

June 11: A 14-year-old boy on the Westside shoots and wounds his mother during an argument. She recovers in the hospital from “serious” injuries; he is arrested the next morning unarmed.

June 10: A 13-year-old is shot in the leg after getting caught up in the cross-fire of two cars, wondering “I’m a good kid. I never did anything to anybody.”

June 9: Dietta Gueye, survivor of cancer and now two home invasions, opens fire on five burglars attempting to enter her home at 2:37 am. They flee after firing one shot into her leg. She explains, “I hope they take this as a lesson…Beware, you never know if someone you are trying to hurt is packing.”

June 9: Ivan Berrien of Detroit is sentenced to life in prison on child abuse and gun charges. He left a 13-year-old girl unsupervised with a rifle; she fatally shot herself in the head.

June 8: A 27-year-old woman opens fire on an armed carjacker on the Westside just blocks from the 6th Precinct station, hitting him in the wrist as he flees.

June 7: A Detroit police officer exchanges gun fire with an unknown gunman. Officer is shot in the foot; an 18-year-old bystander is shot in the chin. No arrests have been made, and DPD is “vague” about whether the officer shot himself.

June 7: A father and son waiting in the Wendy’s drive thru line are shot when two armed men approached their car and demanded money; the father was killed, and the son survived a shot in the hand. It appears that the father was armed but complied with the demands of the gunmen to hand over money.


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