The Detroit Gun Report: The “Broken Record” Edition

It was “broken record” week in Detroit, double entendre intended: 27 people shot in one weekend (the city averages 17.6 nonfatal shootings and 5.2 homicides a week). Chief James Craig pleaded with residents to provide tips and then came under fire for labeling shooters as “urban terrorists.” On a (figuratively) lighter note, police used Chips Ahoy, hostess cupcakes and eventually a cleverly constructed ramp to rescue a 500-pound pig from a Detroit basement.

Never duplicated, never exhaustive: here’s your weekly gun report.

June 26Four people are shot at a block party in Detroit, where about 100 people were in attendance.

June 26Two men and one woman are found dead from gunshot wounds in a Detroit apartment. Neighbors heard gunshots the night before but didn’t call police because “they didn’t see anything.” DPD stresses the importance of calling police when gunshots are heard: “I know people are desensitized to gunshots, but when they hear them, call. We need to get there.”

June 24: A high-speed police chase and subsequent crash kills two children on the sidewalk. The suspects were being chased on suspcious of possessing illegal concealed weapons.

June 22: A mile east of the Detroit fireworks display, a 37-year-old man is shot to death after a verbal altercation.

June 22Darwin Harris, Jr., a 19-year-old DJ, is shot to death in the Barrel & Bottle party story at 7:30 pm. He usually spent time hanging out at the party store; a man opened the door and fired shots at him.

June 22A string of early-morning armed carjackings occur on I-96 targeting people going to work. In one incident, the suspects brake in front of a car, compel the driver to pass on the left; the suspects then ram the car into the divider, hold up the driver at gunpoint and steal the car.

June 21: A 19-year-old boy is shot to death in Greektown close to midnight; a 21-year-old is also wounded with non-life threatening injuries.

June 21: A boy turns himself in after shooting a 14-year-old girl in the mouth in Pontiac; they were left unattended with the firearm, and he thought it was unloaded.

June 21: A fight breaks out between dog owners on Detroit’s Eastside; a mother and her two-year-old child – both bystanders – are shot in the legs.

June 21: An employee at Pete’s Grill and Coney shoots and kills an armed robber, who was “waving the gun back and forth” at the roughly twenty patrons in the restaurant at the time.

June 20: A 19-year-old girl is shot and suffers serious injuries in Greektown.

June 20Twelve people are shot in a block party with around 300 people, including children, at 8:30 pm. One victim, 19-year-old Malik Jones, dies of gunshot wounds. He was shot previously that month but did not go to police with details; the gunman is believed to be the same. Jones allegedly threw the party to celebrate the neighborhood’s “no snitch” policy.

June 20: A man is assaulted by four men and shot while walking along 8 Mile at Wyoming. The fourth man, apparently a bystander getting gas at the Mobile nearby, joins in the assault as it progresses.

June 19: A 40-year-old woman is shot in the leg during a fight in Canton.

June 19: A 23-year-old man is found shot to death in his Redford driveway; the shooting is believed to have occurred the night before.


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