The Detroit Gun Report: The “Very Bad Stretch” Edition

While some violent crime rates may be dipping, that may not matter as long as homicide rates keep surging. Year-to-date Detroit homicides are now up by 15%. Charlie LeDuff summarizes: “Detroit’s a rough city, the most violent according to the FBI, but even by that low standard, this is a very bad stretch.” It doesn’t help that starting wage for DPD officers is just $14 – and that’s down from $15 a few years ago.

July 3: A man finishes a drug deal at a gas station, and then is pursued by police. He flashes a gun; police fire several shots, wounding him in the buttocks.

July 2: A 25-year-old father of two is shot and killed on the West side in an altercation that erupted over a game of dice.

July 2: Denzel Lee Talbert, a 22-year-old Detroiter, is charged and arraigned in the Greektown shooting that occurred on June 21st.

July 2: A Circle K clerk is held up at gunpoint in Dearborn; the location has been the target of several armed robberies in the last few months.

July 1: Around 5:15, Grosse Pointe Police receive a call about a gunman who had killed someone and was barricaded in the house. Police monitor the house for hours before realizing that it is a hoax.

July 1: Around 4 am, a black SUV holding a pair of gunmen pulls up to a 55-year-old bicyclist in a northwest neighborhood; the bicyclist is shot and killed.

June 30: A 58-year-old woman on the east side gets into a “shoot out” with a home invader; she opened fire as soon as she realizes the suspect is armed. She is shot in the hand; the suspect flees.

June 29: Three DTE Energy crews are robbed at gunpoint in Detroit and Southfield (two Monday, one Sunday) after a storm knocks out power for 50,000 people in Wayne County alone. DTE Energy is offering a $2,500 reward for tips.

June 28: Five teenage boys – ages 14 to 19 – are shot at a block party on the east side. It is the third block party shooting in two weeks.


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