The Detroit Gun Report: The “Back to the Streets” Edition

Only 1,590 police officers are left in the city of Detroit, representing a 37% drop in just the last three years. Even though the population of Detroit has dwindled alongside the police, officers must still patrol a vast area – 143 square miles. Plans are in the works to move officers in administrative positions back onto the streets for patrol.

July 9: Around 10:30 am, Michael Joseph Brown demands that the mother of his son turn over his five-year-old son; the woman, his son, and another man are sitting in a vehicle when Brown opens fire, injuring the mother and the man in front of his son. They drive themselves to a police precinct; Brown is charged the following day.

July 9: At least one man is injured in a shooting on the west side around 2 am; he was in a car with other men when someone opened fire. His condition is unknown.

July 9: MyFoxDetroit reports on a woman whose house has been burglarized twice in as many weeks; after her dog was stolen, burglars returned to steal her gun and other items. The woman says of her dog: “It’s just me and my girls. That was our boy, that was our protector.” 

July 6: Twenty-one-year-old Devin Guidry is taking a walk along Van Dyke near Outer Drive around 9:30. He is reportedly approached by a group of people, one of whom shoots to death in the back of the head; the killer takes his flip-flops and glasses.

July 5: A Lapeer woman’s pit bull is shot as part of an ongoing dispute between neighbors.


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