End-of-semester affirmations

For those of us teaching 8-week accelerated courses at the University of Arizona, it’s CRUNCH TIME.

I know this is off-cycle for many of you, but I also know that we all need a boost sometimes.

Here are some of my affirmations going into the next week:

I will accomplish everything that needs to be done (160 exams to grade, plus possibly just as many extra credit and memo essays? Done!)

I choose to be calm and centered, regardless of the circumstances (D2Hell, I’m looking at you.)

I draw on the support that surrounds me, in whatever form (Coffee. Cats. Lots of coffee. And lots of cats.)

I release the temptation to dwell on negativity (Who has time to dwell when you have 160 exams to grade? Oh. Oops.)

Today, I will do the best I can. (This one!)

Good luck to everyone hustling to make their deadlines!


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