Writing through a Failed Coup

It’s fine to put away the day’s tasks. To forget about the regular writing, the push for productivity, the deadlines and timelines and benchmarks that cap our lives and master our wills.

It’s okay to recognize that the feelings are overwhelming the doings, and perhaps we should listen to them as our interlocutors: fear, bewilderment, sadness, grief, melancholia, shock, anger, rage, exhaustion, anxiety, confusion, fatigue.

It’s a good thing to carve out some solitude and dwell in those feelings.

It’s okay to ask: why are so many captured by the mourning of something lost that we never really had, and at this moment? What am I to make of this perfect illusion? What use is this “democracy grief” anyway? What has been lost, and who am I to lose it?

Tend to that, and tend to yourself.

That’s it. That’s the blog post.

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