Policing Guns

This project examines gun regulation “in action” by examining how state agents enforce gun law – including public law enforcement and gun license administrators – by comparing three states with very different gun laws, Arizona, California, and Michigan. The project has received funding from the Connaught New Researcher Award from the University of Toronto and a Faculty Small Grant from the Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Institute at the University of Arizona.

Update: Interviews with law enforcement in Michigan and California are now complete. Thank you to all 76 LEOs who agreed to participate!

I am now turning to the Arizona parts of the study; if you are a law enforcement agent in these areas and are interested in participating in my study or learning more about it, please contact me.

Check back for publications related to this project!

Popular Press:

Gun Debate Divides Nation’s Police Officers, Too” in NPR’s Morning Edition, October 9, 2015.

What’s a gun board, and why does it matter?” In the Detroit News, January 22, 2015.

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