As part of my approach to the classroom, I push students to use course materials to understand popular culture and current events, in hopes of sparking their critical imaginations about the issues that matter most to them. One way I have facilitated this goal has been to use blogs. During my Fall 2008 Sociology 101A sections with Prof. Michael Burawoy, I required students to write blog entries that linked sociological theories with the dramatic political and economic developments that occurred in the run-up to President Obama’s election. Prof. Burawoy funded the transformation of these blogs into a short edited volume for each student upon the completion of the semester, and I was recognized as an “Outstanding GSI” by the campus-wide UC Berkeley GSI Center in 2009 based on my teaching performance in that class.

Since that course, I have regularly incorporated blogs into the classroom. So, if you are interested in following my teaching, please check out my current blog for Policing and Society (Legal Studies 102, Prof. Michael Musheno) at for the Spring 2012 semester. You can also check out my previous semester’s blog for Social Theory (Sociology 101, Prof. Ann Swidler) at for the Fall 2011 semester.

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