Upcoming Events

November 29, 2018: Symposium on Armed Self-Defense in Recent America: Intersectional Perspectives, University of Erfurt, Germany.

September 27, 2018: Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series, University of Texas, San Antonio.

March 29, 2018: Symposium on the Social Life of Guns, University of Rochester

Past Events

February 20, 2018: Center for the Study of Gender & Sexuality, University of Chicago

March 15, 2017: Human Rights Center, University of California, Berkeley

December 5, 2016: Department of Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought, Amherst College

December 7, 2016: Legal Studies Program, Department of Political Science, University of Massachusetts – Amherst

May 19, 2016: Department of Sociology, University of California, Riverside

April 8, 2016: Brennan Center, New York University

April 5, 2016: Department of Criminology, Law & Society, University of California, Irvine

March 4, 2016: The Center for Religion and Media, New York University

February 16, 2016: Department of Sociology, Dartmouth College

January 14, 2016: School of Sociological & Anthropological Studies, Ottawa University

September 30, 2015: Centre for the Study of the United States, University of Toronto

April 22, 2015: Department of Sociology, Boston College

April 20, 2015: Culture Workshop, Sociology Department, Harvard University

April 10, 2015: Sociology Department, Michigan State University

April 8, 2015: Centre for American Studies, Western Ontario University

April 2, 2015: Center for Right-Wing Studies, University of California, Berkeley

March 20, 2015: Department of Sociology, McGill University

August 26 – 28, 2014: Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Comparing Civil Gun Cultures: Do Emotions make a Difference? Workshop

March 31, 2014: Taubman College, University of Michigan, Detroit School Series

February 20, 2014: Women’s Center, University of New Orleans

February 18, 2014: Department of Sociology, Wake Forest College

February 12, 2014: Centre for Criminology & Sociolegal Studies, University of Toronto